An Israeli photo-historian, curator and writer residing in Beacon, NY, Rotem Rozental explores the intersections of cultural technologies, institutional archives and civic identities. She pursues her dissertation research, titled Photographic Archives, Nationalism and the Foundation of the Jewish State, 1903-1948 under the guidance of Prof. John Tagg at the Art History Department of Binghamton University. In 2015-2016, Rotem served as the Dr. Sophie Bookhalter Research Fellow in Jewish Culture at the Center for Jewish History. Her academic research inspires various projects, among them the exhibition Dead Lands: Karkaot Mawat, winner of the NurtureART curatorial call (April-May 2016), and the essay, “Under Dor Guez’s Bed: Scenes from the Christian Palestinian Archive,” published in Photographies 9.1 (Spring 2016).

Traversing the domains of technology, media and art, Rotem has been working as a consultant, editor, writer and organizer for international publications, as well as cultural non-profits and organizations. These investigations led her to serve as the Online Editorial Director of The Shpilman Institute for Photography, and the Jerusalem Season of Culture, among other ventures. Her writings and scholarly texts appeared in publications such as, Philosophy of Photography and Uncertain States. International curatorial projects include We – Festi-Conference for Creative Collectives (2012-2013, Jerusalem), Three Cities Against the Wall (New York, Ramallah and Tel Aviv, 2005), and the collaborative archival project Outlet: The Archive of the Israeli Trade Center (Israel/Upstate NY), in which she and her partner, Roy Regev, documented commercial spaces that defined financial and social engagement in Israel’s peripheral towns. The observations obtained for the archive by various media were shown publicly for the first time in the exhibition Outlet: Part I, shown at the Station923 Gallery in Ithaca (NY, Sep. 19- Oct. 10, 2014).